2022: The year the DeepDrop® irrigation system is announced

We bid farewell to an intense year in which, after years of research and development of our subway and localized irrigation system, our commitment to innovation has become known beyond the borders of the region where it was born: the Axarquia (Malaga). The fruits of the DeepDrop® System are to enable large water savings for farmers, public companies and individuals. In addition, the DeepDrop® System improves the plant health, water footprint and soil health of the plantations of all those who rely on our irrigation system.

This year, the severe drought we have suffered has generated, among other serious consequences, great losses for the agricultural sector. Unfortunately, with the climate crisis we are currently experiencing, it is very likely that this situation will continue to affect us in the coming years. Therefore, it is necessary to make a firm commitment to innovation in systems for rationalizing water use and consumption. DeepDrop® System is one of these options. In addition, it is affordable and quickly amortized.

We thank all our new customers for having opted for our irrigation innovation: we know that it is not easy to decide for a new option that is hardly known. With you, we have corroborated that with this irrigation system, water savings are quickly noticed and for those who pump it, also energy savings. With you, we have also confirmed that the DeepDrop® System adapts to different types of soils and crops and that this also has an impact on the quality of your fruits.

We would also like to thank all the media that have supported us this year in spreading the benefits of DeepDrop® System in agriculture, parks and gardens and all the individuals who have placed their trust in our innovation. It is also thanks to you that we are generating a community that saves water and improves the quality of its plants and trees while respecting the health of the soil.

These are the media that have made us news, thanks to all of you. We want to continue to make the news so that later the news will be that our crops and soils have been improved. This is our resolution for the coming year and the years to come.

Spanish media



Digital newspapers:
Sur Newspaper
El Economista
Computer Hoy
La Vanguardia,
The Spanish,
el Periódico de España
, La Opinión de Murcia, Los 40

Agricultural and environmental sector: Profesional Agro, AgroCLM, IndustriAmbiente, Tienda de la Fruta, Agronewscomunitatvalenciana,

Radios: Radio Ser Málaga; Onda Agraria

Television: ,
, La Sexta

Latin American media

, Impulso2020

Media in English

Diario Sur English version
, Bluesberries Consulting Magazine, Gearrice,

French media

, FreshPlaza

German public television ZDF

Part 1:

Drought in the Axarquia

Part 2: DeepDrop® System: experience and operation.

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