DeepDrop® System opens a representative office in Chile

We are pleased to announce that we have opened a representative office in Chile to supply the DeepDrop® irrigation system not only in this country, but also for the rest of South America.

With the opening of this branch office, we achieved a goal we had set ourselves at DeepDrop®: to reduce the emissions generated by the shipping and transport of our products. Because for some months now we have been receiving orders from Peru, Bolivia, Colombia or Aruba for example, and obviously from Chile.

In addition, with this delegation of representation, it will also be possible to expand the knowledge associated with this change of paradigm of irrigation systems in South America. This knowledge is the result of more than 6 years of DeepDrop® product development and the learning we have also gained from those who bet on us when we started this adventure.

We continue to learn from what our new customers share with us, because water and soils are resources that are at risk in many areas and, in turn, are very complex. Little by little we are generating a community of water saving and efficiency in the use of water in agriculture, parks and gardens, whether municipal or private. And for us, this is vitally important because it gives us a sense of purpose: to help farmers, municipalities and individuals cope with the drought that is affecting much of humanity and to generate new strategies to save available freshwater.

We all know water is a scarce resource. With climate change, forecasts predict longer periods of drought, combined with heavy rainfall of which we are all too familiar with the dreadful flooding that can accompany it.

DeepDrop® is growing little by little and with the joy of the results shared with us by our customers, the DeepDrop® community. With this irrigation system they save water while seeing their crops flourish and their trees, orchards and plants grow stronger. Because, in this case, less is more. And we hope to open more offices in other countries to further reduce our carbon footprint as well. Because less emissions means more health and balance for all.

If you would like information about our delegation in Chile, please visit our website or send an email to

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